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Garlic Paste
The Pungent and spicy bouquet of garlic is part of the fabric of cooking all over the world, and it would be inconceivable to cook without this distinctive, highly aromatic smell & taste. A special manufacturing process ensures the specially selected fresh cloves retain their natural flavor and pungency.
Size: 200 gms, 250 gms
Ginger paste

The slightly biting and fresh taste of ginger adds a subtle but distinctive flavor to diverse cuisines from different cultures. A special manufacturing process ensures the handpicked golden beige rhizomes presevered their warm aroma and fresh woody flavor. Use the paste as you would normally use ginger in your cooking. The amount of paste to be used will vary according to taste.

Size: 200 gms, 250 gms


Ginger Garlic paste
Ginger & Garlic are two of the world's favorite ingredients, widely used in cuisines as diverse as Indian, Chinese, Continental and African. The strong, sweet flavor of garlic combines exceptionally well with the hot, biting taste of ginger. Which is why the combination is the base of so many dishes from different parts of world. Smith & Jones Ginger Garlic paste is made from the finest cloves of garlic and selected rhizomes of ginger at a sophisticated plant. A special manufacturing process ensures that the aroma and flavor are presevered for a long time.
Size: 40 gms, 200 gms, 250 gms
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